Rafael de Lima Quartet


Created to participate on a Brazilian national competition for young musicians, Rafael de Lima quartet was my last project as a instrumental performer. The group won the FURNAS: GERAÇÃO MUSICAL III competition in the state of São Paulo and received the FICC grant to record its CD.



The quartet was selected to perform in the IX Brasil Instrumental (2010) and toured in the state São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Paraná (Brazil).

The group also won the 2011 ProAC grant by Secretaria de Cultura do Estado de São Paulo to present the concert “Transfigurações Brasileiras” in the São Paulo countryside.

O repertoire presented by the quartet is very experimental, exploring the possibilities created by the amalgam of Brazilian grooves, modern jazz and contemporary classical music.





This album recording was my last project as a instrumentalist, recorded January 2012, during the end of the year break of my first year as Master of Music student at University of Miami. After the recording of TRANSFIGURAÇÕES BRASILEIRAS I decided to focus on composition, arrangment, conducting and production and stop performing any instrument.

"Transfigurações Brasileiras" CD cover.

"Transfigurações Brasileiras" CD cover.

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The following video is from my very last performance as a saxophonist, at University of Miami.