Musical parts, a strange pleasure

Here is a thing that brings me a strange pleasure: tapping musical parts. But there is an important detail: it cannot be any part, it must be MY parts!

This is one of the most tedious tasks I’ve ever done, and trust me, I have done it a lot! But at the same time it represents the end of a creative cycle, the last step before the musical realization of an idea that once was only in my mind. It is a proud and exciting moment when I look at printed notes on the page and realize that I have in my hands the physical proof of something completed, something that took me countless hours envisioning and struggling to make exist for others.

It is even more exciting when it is the day before you have a rehearsal! Not that I recommend anyone to finish a project at 5 am like I did this night… And other nights too.

Last vlog I talked about perfectionism, procrastination and work obsession. I just concluded passing trough all those stages that are – in different proportions – part of every project I do. Now I can proudly go to sleep and dream about the next challenge, the next step of the musical process: taking the notes out of the page and translating it into real audible music! One of my favorite parts of the process.