Perfectionism, procrastination and work obsession

I’m a perfectionist.

Many times I ask myself if this is a blessing or a curse.

By definition, a perfectionist is someone who demands perfection of himself, herself, or others. It is a personal standard, attitude, or philosophy that demands perfection and rejects anything less. Whatever perfection is - but that is a subject for another vlog.

Perfectionism can be a great thing. It makes you try to be the best version of yourself in whatever you are. The problem is that many times, it may stop you from doing things that you consider you are not “good enough” to do.

We perfectionists deal with our own angels and demons: procrastination and it's counterpart, obsessive work.

This vlog episode, like much of my life, is the story of my own struggle between these two. It starts with a coffee break with my friend Joana. Actually it was not a real break.  Before that, I was checking my email messages - the voice of procrastination had been getting to me, and of course, I was pretending it is the most important thing to do at that time.

The voice of procrastination can be very helpful in the sense that it can let your work “breathe”, it allows you to mature your ideas, but it is very-very-very dangerous in the sense that many times it takes away your focus, time, and can even prevent you from completing the work you intend to do.

The voice that pushes you toward obsession can be very helpful in the sense that it can make you advance full speed your project, or at least improve in the best of your current abilities, but it is very-very-very dangerous in the sense that it can blind you from seeing other important things, make you walk in circles looking for perfection, and ultimately can lead you to a complete unbalanced life.