An Artistic Connection

My head is full of new ideas as I head back to NYC after the ISJAC symposium (International Society of Jazz Arrangers and Composers). It was an opportunity to meet and hear many great composers, such as Maria Schneider and Billy Child and John Hollembeck.

It made me rethink many things.

Rafael Piccolotto de Lima - ISJAC presenter

I have been pondering about the sense of community around artistic projects and how to further foster those beautiful connections between artists, collaborators, participators and fans. In the position of a composer and director for a few large ensemble projects I feel that it is my responsibility to do all that I can to strength those connections and facilitate the engagement of all parts.

Seeing what an artist like Maria Schneider did in terms of creating a community around her work is very inspiring. Beyond her music, which is amazing, the impact of her artistic projects on the artistic community is quite remarkable. 

Having all that in mind, I have a number of ideas that I want to share, including the creation of new and exclusive material for this community, a community beyond geographical boundaries, happening in the physical and digital world. If you have interest in being part of it, please subscribe!

I’ll be sharing those ideas and exclusive material with everybody who subscribe via email!

And talking about creating and sharing material, I know that my last vlog post was months ago and I apologize for the delay. I have all the material filmed for a number of episodes but didn’t have time to edit it yet. I’ll promise I will work on in as soon as possible!